Brow Lift Surgery

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Brow Lift Surgery

Dr. Ben Light is the only double board-certified and double fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon between the Birmingham and Nashville areas of Alabama and is highly skilled at performing brow lift surgery.

Traditional and endoscopic brow lift surgery, which both reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the forehead, are offered at Dr. Light’s practice in Decatur, Alabama.  For complete facial rejuvenation, this surgery is often performed with facelift surgery and eyelid surgery.

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The Brow lift Procedure

The traditional brow lift procedure is performed by making an incision across the top of the patient’s forehead, within the hairline, placing the incisions so that the resulting scars will be hidden. The brow muscles are then tightened, and excess skin and tissues are reduced. The remaining skin on the forehead is then pulled taut and lifted so that wrinkles are smoothed away, and the position of the eyebrows is elevated.

Endoscopic brow lift surgery is performed for younger patients who have wrinkles and furrows but without a large amount of excess skin. This procedure requires only a few small incisions to complete. Using specialized surgical instruments, Dr. Light adjusts the underlying muscles that cause the brow to become furrowed. Next, he repositions the skin to lift the eyebrows and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Dr. Ben Light, M.D.

The lines on a patient’s forehead and deep furrows between the eyelids can make them appear tired, sad, or angry even when they are not. A brow lift surgery can restore a smooth, vibrant, and youthful look by reducing these signs of aging.

—Dr. Ben Light, M.D.

Brow lift Benefits

Both traditional and endoscopic brow lift surgery provide long-lasting results, especially when performed by the best brow lift surgeon in Huntsville, AL. The lines on the forehead and deep furrows between the eyelids can make patients appear tired, sad, or angry even when they are not. By reducing or eliminating these signs of aging, brow lift surgery can restore a smooth, vibrant, and youthful look.

Recovery From Brow Lift Surgery in North Alabama

The recovery period for traditional brow lift surgery usually takes from seven to ten days. Endoscopic brow lift patients can even return to work much sooner. Side effects for both procedures can include some numbness, bruising, and soreness, but symptoms seldom last more than a few days. Medication will be prescribed to alleviate any pain or discomfort.

Why Choose Dr. Light for Your Brow Lift Surgery in North Alabama?

Dr. Light has devoted his career to the art and science of facial plastic surgery. A renowned expert in his field, Dr. Light is the only board-certified facial plastic and double fellowship-trained surgeon between Nashville and Birmingham. His education, training, and experience are exclusively in brow lift surgery, facelift surgery, and similar procedures. He has helped many patients “turn back the clock” and enjoy a refreshed and relaxed appearance.

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What Customers Are Saying…

“I had a brow lift procedure at Light Facial Plastic Surgery.  Every single person was above and beyond kind, concerned and professional. Great office staff and care team!

Dr. Light was such a pleasure to have caring for me. He explained everything thoroughly, made sure my questions were answered and seemed to genuinely care that everything went as planned. He is so friendly and caring. He and the staff were great! My procedure went great and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you so very much.”  —R.P. 6/5/20

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What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is a surgical procedure performed to return the brow to its natural position. We often get horizontal wrinkles across our forehead because we tend to raise our brows to reduce the folds above our eyes, which can affect our peripheral vision.

What is the difference between a brow lift and blepharoplasty?

A blepharoplasty reduces the fold above the eyes by reducing excess skin and fat pockets. The fat pockets droop forward as the skin loses elasticity due to age and gravity. A brow lift raises the brow to reduce the fold above the eyes. The brows are pulled down by an involuntary muscle reflex that often creates the “11’s” between the brows, as well as hereditary factors and gravity pulling the brow downwards.

Can asymmetric eyebrows be fixed?

Most of us have some level of asymmetry on our faces. Surgery may help balance some degree of brow asymmetry, while BOTOX® Cosmetic can also play a key role.

Will I have visible scars after brow lift surgery?

The incisions that are made for the brow lift are hidden in the hairline. The thickness of the hair in the area will determine the visibility of the scars.

Are there non-surgical ways to help a sagging brow area?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the best non-surgical option to reduce the tension in the brow since it causes the brow depressor muscles to relax.

What is recovery from brow lift surgery like?

You can expect to have some bruising and swelling after your surgery that will resolve in 7-10 days.

What is an endoscopic brow lift?

The endoscopic brow lift procedure uses a small microscope to place 3-5 small incisions in the hairline. An endoscopic brow lift can achieve a refreshed, youthful look without any aspect of the “surprised” look sometimes associated with brow lift surgery.

Can you use injectables instead of a brow lift?

Although BOTOX® Cosmetic cannot create the lift achieved by a surgical brow lift, it can relax the stressed, tight area between the brows and prevent the brow from being pulled lower. After having an endoscopic brow lift procedure, you are encouraged to treat your brow at least twice a year with BOTOX® Cosmetic to keep your brows lifted. A brow lift doesn’t stop gravity, nor does it eliminate muscular movement of the brows, making BOTOX® Cosmetic a great partner to the surgery to extend the life of the lift and keep your eyes looking young and at their best.

How much does a brow lift cost in Alabama?

Because the cost of plastic surgery procedures will depend on several factors, including a patient’s specific physical characteristics, it’s not possible to provide a specific price for brow lift surgery from the website. However, you will receive a personalized quote as part of your consultation with Dr. Light. The total cost of cosmetic surgery will include:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital and surgical facility costs
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Prescription medications
  • Medical tests

While cost is an important factor for most patients, it shouldn’t be the only factor influencing your choice of surgeon. Selecting an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Light in the Nashville and Birmingham area who has a track record of successful results will significantly increase the chances of you being delighted with your outcome.


While you’re undergoing brow lift surgery in Alabama, consider one of these additional treatments to complement your results:

We can recommend supplementary treatments for your specific face and body concerns during your consultation.

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