Skin Resurfacing – A Customized Procedure.

Skin Resurfacing

People wanting improvement in texture, pore size, fine lines and coloration of face, neck and chest should explore skin resurfacing options.

Skin Resurfacing includes chemical peels, facials and certain laser services. Light Facial Plastic Surgery has the expertise and owns the technology to perform an endless combination of treatments to make healthy, smooth and clear-looking skin a reality. 

Even for the most knowledgeable clients, skin resurfacing is one of the most complex categories of personal improvement to navigate. Every individual has a specific skin type and health history. In addition, goals and priorities differ and so does duration and intensity of recovery. There really is a perfect treatment match for each person and the best way to investigate is to visit us in person at Light Facial Plastic Surgery. 

We are experts at putting together treatment plans based on skin type, goals, current technology and recovery expectations. When we examine your skin and listen to your wishes and concerns, we will know exactly what will work best. No two people are exactly the same and there are often combined therapies we can customize to maximize real and noticeable results. Dr. Light and his team have the experience and knowledge needed to take all factors into consideration to provide you with a range of options so you can select your ideal plan for improvement.   

Perhaps there is a specific resurfacing treatment you have heard about and you wonder if it’s what you’re looking for. We have a huge range of tools, so if there is a technology that has been tested and proven to really work, we probably have it! 

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