Adolescent Skincare

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The skin care specialists at Light Facial Plastic Surgery are committed to teaching the importance of Adolescent Skincare.

It’s never too early to begin taking care of the skin and applying sunscreen to prevent against UVA and UVB rays. We offer an initial complimentary introduction for adolescents to learn how to keep his or her skin looking healthy and protect against acne and sun damage. Good skin care helps improve young people’s esteem and establishes behaviors that will last a lifetime.

We also offer medical grade skin care products that are appropriate for adolescent skincare concerns. Some young people who wish to reduce the appearance of acne scars may be good candidates for laser treatment. Dr. Light’s aesthetic staff will advise you and your child on what they believe to be the most appropriate solution for his or her needs. All treatments of minors require the presence of a parent or guardian.

Adolescent Skincare
The importance of Adolescent Skincare

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