Rhinoplasty – Want your nose to look AND breathe better?

Want your nose to look better? You need a facial plastic surgeon. They are the undisputed experts at nasal refinement and beautification surgery. Want your nose to breathe and function better? You need an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon. They are the undisputed experts in surgical and medical treatment to restore proper nasal breathing function. 

Do you want your nose to look AND breathe better? You need Dr. Light, who is both a facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience in cosmetic nasal surgery and an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon with decades of medical and surgical experience in improving nasal airflow.  In fact, Dr. Light is the only double board certified facial plastic surgeon and ENT surgeon between Birmingham and Nashville. 

At LFPS, we perform more complicated nose surgeries than anyone in the region. We help people with post traumatic nasal deformities where insurance covers the rhinoplasty for functional reasons (ie. for breathing problems). We also help those with purely cosmetic concerns as well.  

Some people have suffered with nasal airflow problems for so long that they don’t realize their breathing isn’t normal. We have had patients see us for an unrelated reason, and an exam of the nose leads to discovery of breathing problems they have been unwittingly tolerating for years. Ask yourself these questions to discover if you might have a breathing issue: 

Do I wake up from sleep with a dry mouth?

Do people say I snore or make noises in my sleep? 

Does my nose “whistle” or make sounds when I breathe?

Have I had an untreated nose injury in the past?

If you want a more elegant or refined but natural look to your nose, or you think you might have breathing problems (or both), schedule an appointment at Light Facial Plastic Surgery and find out for yourself how thoroughly Dr. Light knows noses! 


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