Maximize Your Laser Treatment Results

Laser treatments are a great choice for conditions such as unwanted hair, broken vessels, brown spots or other skin discolorations. Clients with darker hair and lighter skin get superior results from laser procedures, but people with other hair and skin color combinations can enjoy excellent outcomes as well by following a few important guidelines.  In order to get the results you want, Dr. Light recommends that treatment be performed when skin is at its lightest tone or color possible. That means the best time to schedule a laser consultation is in the fall about a month after regular and intense sun exposure (pool, beach, yard work) has ended or anytime during the winter. In addition, post-treatment instructions mandate restricting recently treated skin from sun exposure as much as possible for several weeks. Even the use of tanning products before treatment in the form of sprays, wipes or lotions is likely to diminish laser results or even cause complications. Embrace your lightest skin tone and schedule your laser appointment now! Enjoy the outcome you are hoping for: clear, healthy-looking skin.