Laser Broken Blood Vessels AwayAge spots, acne, scars, moles… there are many barriers to having smooth, clear skin. One of the most common roadblocks to even-looking skin is broken blood vessels. These are the red, purple or blue vessels that show through skin or even slightly protrude. They tend to appear on noses and legs, but can pop up anywhere on the face and body. As visible veins increase in number, they become more noticeable and our clients want them gone! Fortunately, at Light Facial Plastic Surgery, we treat broken vessels with the Candela V Beam Laser with great success.  Patients undergo just a few minutes of treatment in exchange for years of clearer, healthier looking skin.

Because reduced sun exposure after treatment increases the success of vein reduction, consider calling for a free consultation during the fall and winter seasons at 256-351-2000 or check out Light Facial Plastic Surgery at