Directions from Huntsville

Dr. Light 7:02 pm

Hunstville, Alabama is only a short 30 min drive to Decatur! Many of our patients come from Huntsville and we always love to make it easy for them to get here. Take a look at the quick and easy directions below from Huntsville to Decatur and listen to what a few of our Huntsville patients have to say about our practice!


  1. Get on I-565 W from Spragins Ave SW and Washington St NW
    3 min (1.0 mi)
  2. Head southwest on Spring St SW toward Spragins Ave SW
    312 ft
  3. Spring St SW turns right and becomes Spragins Ave SW
    0.3 mi
  4. Turn right onto Monroe St NW
    0.1 mi
  5. Turn left onto Washington St NW
    0.3 mi
  6. Turn left to merge onto I-565 W
    0.3 mi
  7. Merge onto I-565 W
  8. Follow AL-20 W and 6th Ave NE to 13th Ave SE in Decatur
    11 min (7.4 mi)
  9. Continue onto AL-20 W/US-72 ALT W
    3.5 mi
  10. Continue onto AL-20 W
    1.7 mi
  11. Continue onto 6th Ave NE
    1.5 mi
  12. Turn left onto 8th St SE
    0.5 mi
  13. Turn right onto 13th Ave SE