Why Visit a Licensed Aesthetician?

More than ever, people are questioning the cost versus benefit of using the services I offer as a trained aesthetician. Other options, such as buying from multi-level marketing companies or sorting through products at department stores or online, seem more convenient and cost effective… on the surface. While some of their products are created by… Read More »

A Summer Skin Care Plan To Treat Those Age Spots

Recently, my first undisputable and dreaded age spot appeared. Without invitation, it showed up on the outside of my forearm. Concerned that the brown circle was an early skin cancer warning, I showed it to a few friends, who assured me that it was just an “age spot.” Now this thing stares at me like… Read More »

43 and No LInes: Why Botox Works For me

If I could only choose three beauty products, they would be: hair color, Retin A, and Botox. Why? Because they all belong in the “almost too good to be true” category. My natural hair color looks dirty, and my skin is oily and breakout prone, even in my forties, so coloring my hair and using… Read More »