A Summer Skin Care Plan To Treat Those Age Spots

Recently, my first undisputable and dreaded age spot appeared. Without invitation, it showed up on the outside of my forearm. Concerned that the brown circle was an early skin cancer warning, I showed it to a few friends, who assured me that it was just an “age spot.” Now this thing stares at me like the dead eye of a shark, accusing me of gleefully soaking up the sun’s rays all through my teenage years. Guilty. Like so many in my generation, my annual summer quest was to achieve the deepest, darkest tan possible. Once a mother, I changed my ways and started wearing sunscreen on my face, but I didn’t do the favor for the skin on my arms, legs, neck and chest. Now I can see clearly the difference between the skin that has been over exposed and the skin covered by a bathing suit. This summer I am making better choices, and the first place I visited for guidance and treatment is the office of Dr. Ben Light. The skin care professional at Light Facial Plastic Surgery, Shawna Oliver, assessed my facial skin and created a summer plan that included quality care and protection. When she looked at my skin under a magnifying light, she could tell I wasn’t drinking enough water to counterbalance the Alabama heat. Plus, she sent me home with the best products for keeping my skin hydrated and protected without looking oily. Last week I underwent my second VI Peel, which has my face, neck and chest looking refreshingly clear and smooth. An excellent sunscreen and regular dermaplaning (so quick and easy!) at Dr. Light’s office will keep my jawline and chin from darkening like it usually does during the summer. I was so impressed with my sun-damage defying results that I timidly showed Shawna the shameful “shark eye” on my arm. She smiled and assured me that such spots can be reduced with the help of Dr. Light’s laser professional, Lauren Sharp. This is fantastic news because I have found a few more spots on my legs. Treating them will be my fall project. I’ll keep you posted!*

*Individual Results May Vary