43 and No LInes: Why Botox Works For me


If I could only choose three beauty products, they would be: hair color, Retin A, and Botox. Why? Because they all belong in the “almost too good to be true” category.

My natural hair color looks dirty, and my skin is oily and breakout prone, even in my forties, so coloring my hair and using Retin A are easy choices. Botox wasn’t an easy choice until I experienced it for myself. Like most people, I thought it would hurt and didn’t like the idea of a needle near my face. After consulting Dr. Light, I decided to give it a chance.

After my first injections, I stopped worrying about discomfort because the experience was far less painful than I expected and only took about one minute. As it turns out, the absence of fear and apprehension results in an increasingly pleasant experience each consecutive time I receive Botox.

True to his name, Dr. Light has a light touch and guides me through the experience calmly and smoothly during every session. As non-threatening and convenient as my Botox experience has been, it is rock-solid results that make the investment worthwhile. It takes about three days before the full effect is evident, so there is always that moment of pleasure when the face in the mirror looks happy, refreshed and smooth. Conversely, there are those days when I can’t seem to shake a tired look and suddenly I realize that it has been three to four months since my last Botox appointment! Staying on a schedule is ideal, because Botox prevents the facial motions that cause the skin to crease over and over, which eventually causes wrinkles.

Because I started using Botox before I started noticing fine lines and wrinkling, I am 43 years old with a smooth forehead, no lines between my eyebrows, and not even the slightest sign of “crow’s feet.” I am pleased with my Botox results after each visit to Dr. Light, but the cumulative effect over the last ten years is exceptional. I would recommend Botox to anyone who wants to fend off the heavy (and sometimes angry) expression that comes with wrinkling over time, and maintain a natural, smooth and happy-looking face.*

*Individual Results May Vary