Skin Care Services

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We offer many procedures to refresh and rejuvenate the skin, including surgical, non-surgical, injectable, and laser treatments. For patients who wish to compliment their procedures or are just interested in at-home treatments, we offer several lines of high-quality, medical-grade skin care products. We also offer skincare consultations and treatments for teens and tweens.

Skin Care Products

Our medical grade skin care products include Obagi® Medical Products, Donell™ Super Skin, and the Clarisonic® Pro Skin Care System, among others. Dr. Ben Light has selected these products based on clinical trials as well as on the results he has seen with his own patients. During a complimentary skin care consultation, Dr. Light will explain the product lines that are available and will advise you on the ones that are most appropriate for your needs and goals.

Adolescent Skin Care

In addition to skin care for adults, we offer free initial consultations to share with your tween or teen the importance of a good skin care regime. Healthy skin is important for people of all ages but can be especially important to tweens’ and teens’ self-esteem. Also, when established at a young age, proper skincare habits can last a lifetime. Dr. Light and our staff will help address your child’s acne or other skin concerns in a warm, friendly manner.

Refresh the Face

These procedures refresh and rejuvenate the face by removing dry, dead skin cells and revealing healthy, new skin cells underneath. Also, the non-surgical facial cosmetic treatments at our practice encourage the production of collagen and elastin, the two proteins that keep skin looking supple and smooth.



Chemical Peels

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