BodyTite - Body Contouring

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BodyTite – Body Contouring 

There are always new options in the exciting realm of plastic surgery.  Here at Light Facial Plastic Surgery, we carefully research the effectiveness of new technologies and only offer options that are truly effective. One of these great new options, called BodyTite achieves body contouring with a minimally invasive, in-office procedure and the results are impressive. 

Bodytite - Body Contouring
Tighten loose skin with BodyTite

The BodyTite non-surgical system addresses the following: 

  • abdominal skin laxity
  • “floppy” upper arms
  • fatty fullness on outer and inner thighs
  • excess skin/fat along the bra line

BodyTite delivers significant body contouring solutions that look surgical in scale without noticeable scars or a long recovery.

How does BodyTite work?

BodyTite dissolves fat and tightens skin using radio frequency energy. Two electrodes, one above and the other inserted under the skin in the target zone, work simultaneously to melt and suction fat. Results are immediate, but skin continues to tighten during the months following treatment, so the most dramatic improvement is maximally appreciated at three to six months after treatment.

Traditionally, liposuction has been a successful solution for fat accumulation, but doesn’t solve the problem of skin laxity. Sometimes, fat removal makes skin look even looser! Now, liposuction can be combined with BodyTite’s skin tightening technology to an amazing effect. Liposuction removes fat and BodyTite immediately follows, which causes skin contraction over the newly reduced area. This creates the desirable smooth, firm look that has not been achievable with liposuction alone. 

What is the BodyTite experience like?

Bodytite testimonial

Double board certified surgeon Dr. Light performs every BodyTite procedure with his capable team present to assist and ensure patients’ well being. Local anesthesia provides patient comfort and the entire procedure takes place in the privacy of the LFPS office. 

Rest is recommended post-procedure for a few days combined with a month free from intense exercise, but normal activity (like driving) can resume as soon as the patient wishes. Overall, people experience significantly less swelling, bruising and downtime with BodyTite in comparison with other body contouring approaches. 

Before and after pictures demonstrate the incredible difference BodyTite makes in body contouring the most stubborn areas of fat accumulation and wavy skin. These patients happily agreed to share their results. We hope their photos will help you make decisions about the treatment that is the best fit for your needs. IMAGES COMING SOON

The path to firmer, smoother and younger-looking arms, thighs, belly or back begins with a consult. Call LFPS to find out if BodyTite is the solution you’ve been waiting for. 256-351-2000