Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Light 6:05 pm

Get ready for the summer before it’s too late!!! Save 40% on single treatments! Save 60% on a package of 5! Bikini Line – Regular $160, now only $96 per treatment or $288 for a package of 5! Underarms – Regular $150, now only $90 per treatment or $270 for a package of 5! Lip/Chin… Read More »


Dr. Light 12:53 pm

Laser treatments are a great choice for conditions such as unwanted hair, broken vessels, brown spots or other skin discolorations. Clients with darker hair and lighter skin get superior results from laser procedures, but people with other hair and skin color combinations can enjoy excellent outcomes as well by following a few important guidelines.  In… Read More »

Thinking About Laser Hair Removal This Fall? Get the facts from Light Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Light 10:55 am

Excess facial or body hair can be a nagging cosmetic concern for men and women.  While depilatories, shaving, and waxing are common solutions for temporary hair removal, they can be very uncomfortable and time consuming.  A modern solution for controlling and eliminating unwanted hair is laser hair removal.  This cosmetic procedure uses intense laser light… Read More »

CoolSculpting Now Available!

Dr. Light 12:58 pm

CoolSculpting is now available at our practice! Having observed medical technology develop over the past several years, Dr. Light and the Renaissance Team are excited to introduce their Alabama patients to a revolutionary body sculpting methodology: CoolSculpting! Imagine having the opportunity now to debulk and sculpt those unwanted abdominal, thigh or back fat cells without incisions… Read More »


Dr. Light 3:46 pm

 Kiss Your Lines Goodbye with Ultherapy: Face and Neck Lift Without Surgery!  For the first time ever, a non-invasive lift that targets sagging skin under the chin and neck is available to Renaissance Plastic Surgery patients in Decatur. An uplift – not a facelift – Ultherapy is a new skin-lifting procedure that uses focused ultrasound… Read More »